Visual Jam Online Shop

Good evening!

We gladly announce our online shop Visual Jam.

For any information, question or order, please contact us through the following e-mail address:

Thank you.

Terms of Service

All users must go to the register section in order to become Visual Jam's Shop members and purchase the items. All members may choose to remain with all their personal info private, or to allow Visual Jam to use them in any eventual data base or any other statistical activity (All members shall be contacted before any of these events take place).
This option will be the last step on your registration process.

Once we receive your order, the item will be sent as quickly as possible, also depending on the stock.
All products already stocked will be sent right way within the existing shipping methods listed on the site. The items that are not stocked yet will, obviously take a little more time to arrive. All costumers must be aware of this situation when purchasing any item in the Pre-order Section.

If you do want to cancel or alter your order, you must do it within the 5 weekdays after Visual Jam receives the order, otherwise it will not be accepted.

Visual Jam only sells brand new items. Any damage detected must be immediatly reported to VJ's team. Returns and refunds will only take place in case we verify it is not the costumers' responsability. Regarding CD's and DVD's, you may only return those which remain in their original packages. Edible items will not be returned by any chance.

Any question or information must be requested through the following e-mail address : before, during or after the order.



Morango-Co! =3

Bem vindos!

Façam-se confortáveis enquanto dão uma vista de olhos pelas nossas coisinhas, todas feitas à mão e digam-nos se algo vos interessar! Ao comprarem também nos estão a ajudar no nosso pequeno (mas grande) objectivo! ^^


Todos os textos estão também escritos em Português e podem-nos mandar emails em Português com perguntas, porque nós responderemos na mesma língua.

Muito obrigada! ^__^